frequently asked questions

More information about Farmgate Festival will not be released as there will not be a festival in 2023.

  • How do I get a Festival Pass?

    By purchasing a 2 Day Festival Pass you will have access to visit all of the farms over the 2 days – Saturday and Sunday.

    Children under 15 years can visit the Festival free.

  • How do I choose which farm venues to visit?

    Download the program from our website and choose which farms to visit. Collect a hard copy program from a farm when you first arrive.

    To make the most of your festival experience, our new ticketing allows the opportunity to visit the most farms over the whole weekend.

    So we suggest you plan to visit two to three farms in the morning, stop for lunch at one of our listed venues, and visit two to three farms in the afternoon. Some farms offer short tours of 10-20 mins duration with no fixed start times, other farms are offering 30-40 min tours that start hourly from 10am. The tours will be held at 10am, 11am, 12noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm.

    Check the timing of tours at each farm in the Program

  • What is there to do at a festival farm venue?

    Farms will have tastings and sales of their products, and will offer a walking tour of the farm.

    Ever wanted to pat a pig, see a snail farm or get tips on keeping chickens? Now’s your chance!

    Tours last approximately 30 minutes.

    We recommend you bring a bag, cool bag or even an Eskie to take home gifts and treats, particularly if you wish to purchase gourmet meat products from some of our farmers.

    Please note that farms may not have credit card facilities

    Biosecurity measures may be in place at some farms – you may be asked to step in a shallow water bath and we recommend you wear closed-in shoes.  

  • How do farms know I have paid?

    When you have pre-purchased your Festival Pass online, present your printed ticket at a Farm and you will be given a wristband to wear for the whole weekend of the Festival.

    If you buy a Festival Pass at any farm or The Farmgate Festival information centre at Brady’s Lookout Cider you will also be given a wristband.

    Do not take your wristband off, it is waterproof and will last for the whole weekend. So long as you are wearing this wristband, you can get into any farm venue over the festival weekend.

    Farm staff will check to see if you have a wristband when you arrive at their farm.

  • I’ve lost or broken my wristband, what do I do?

    All wristbands are waterproof and designed to be worn the whole weekend, so leaving them on will prevent any losses.

    If you do then you can present your broken wristband or your festival pass receipt to staff at a farm. They will give you a replacement wristband.

  • What should I wear? 

    This is Tasmania, so please allow for all seasons in one weekend.

    We recommend you wear closed-in, sturdy shoes as you will be visiting working farms. Ground may be rough, gravel, woodchip, wet underfoot or even muddy, depending on the weather.

    Please wear outdoor clothing suited to the weather conditions and to visiting a farm.

  • What if the weather’s bad, will the Festival still go ahead? 

    The Festival will still be on! For showery or overcast weather the festival will go ahead unchanged. Please bring your coat, umbrella and gumboots!

    In the case of really bad weather with severe conditions, rain and wind, we may reduce our offerings at farms. Walking tours may be shortened or cancelled.

    Please check this website or our Facebook page if bad weather is forecast.

  • I have low mobility, how will I get around?

    Tours at our farms are walking tours, often on rough ground such as farm paddocks. Taking part in these tours will require you to walk at a casual pace for approximately 200 metres.

    There will also be things like tastings, sales and displays at our farms which may be more easily accessible from a car park, although access may still be via a gravel path or grass paddock.

    Farms which may be more accessible (ie. with slightly flatter ground) will be provided here when the farms are announced.

  • Is the Festival suitable for children?

    Yes definitely.

    Please keep in mind, however, that farm tours and activities are designed with adults in mind. If you are visiting with children, we ask that you supervise them fully during your farm visits, with their safety and that of our farm livestock in mind.

    One or two of our farms may have petting animals – please ask for permission before touching livestock.

    Late primary school children with an interest in agriculture and food production will enjoy the festival farm tours.

    Tastings are always a hit with children, but we ask you to bear in mind that farms are providing samples for free. Going back for seconds is not considered polite!

    Petuna Aquaculture  -Children aged 8 and over only permitted on tours, and must be supervised closely by an adult at all times.

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  • Where should I stay? 

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