Farmers and producers in the Tamar Valley open their gates to share their stories and give you a real taste of life on a small working farm.

Enjoy a tour of the farm, orchard or paddocks and find out what it’s like to run a small agri-business in one of Tasmania’s produce heartlands.

We look forward to sharing this special part of the world and the wonderful lifestyle it offers. 

Brady’s Lookout Cider

A picturesque orchard high on the sloping Tamar riverbanks, planted with over eighty-five heritage apple varieties, some dating back to 1608.

The orchard is nurtured using organic principles, by owners Caro and Chris Brown, with the apples used to produce small batch Methode Traditionelle sparkling ciders of the finest quality. Brady’s is the only cider mill in Tasmania to use this traditional sparkling wine technique, combined with the flavour of heritage apples, the resulting cider is refined and authentic.

The Brady’s Lookout cider mill is on site, at the brand new cellar door.


Brady’s Lookout Cider

Caroline and Chris Brown

0431 010 300

9 Craythorne Road, Rosevears

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Tours Hourly (30-40 mins)

Bridgenorth Berries

A boutique berry orchard with berry canes of different varieties in flower, typical of the tranquil small holding found in the Tamar Valley.

Tour the orchard, visit the chickens and sheep, learn about farming berries and stop at the ‘shed door’ for frozen boysenberries and jams.



Susan and Narelle

421 Long Plains Road, Bridgenorth

0474 003 649

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Tours: 30-40mins. Hourly from 10am..

Glengarry Dairy Farm

Enjoy a rare chance to visit a working dairy farm and learn the inside story of the dairy sector, with cows and calves in the paddock alongside.

Steve and Andrea Goldsack run 230 cows on around four hundred acres, and the welfare of their herd is the top priority. Their cows are milked three times every two days during spring, summer and autumn, and rested over winter.

Join them for a tour of the farm and learn about what happens to milk after it’s collected by the milk tanker, and the dairy products it’s turned into for the national retail market.

Please note the last tour is at 2pm daily, due to milking.





Glengarry Dairy

Stephen and Andrea Goldsack

547 South Winkleigh Road, Glengarry

0437 049 812

HOURLY TOURS from 10am.
Last tour at 2pm due to milking.

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Honey Tasmania - The Beehive

The Beehive shop and garden brings you the world of bees and honey. Centre of operations for Honey Tasmania, the Beehive gives you the chance to learn all there is to know from passionate beekeepers Rebecca and Tristan Campbell.

Get an inside view of the bees’ world with glass sided beehive right there in the shop. You can also taste delicious raw honey and local products featuring it.

Right next door is the glorious bee-lover’s garden, planted with species designed to attract these essentials creatures and help them make the honey we love.

Tastings of over twelve distinct honeys including Tasmania’s famous Leatherwood, and tastings for adults of honey mead and other alcoholic honeyed delights. .


Honey Tasmania – The Beehive

Rebecca and Tristan Campbell

124 Main Road, Exeter

03 6331 9300 / 0438 570 719

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Short Tours (10 – 20 mins)

Lentara Grove Olives

One of Tasmania’s oldest olive groves with almost two thousand mature olive trees and young olive trees, and a state-of-the-art pressing and processing shed on-site.

Owners Martin and Sophie Grace produce award-winning extra virgin oils and a range of dukkah, tapenade, table olives and also sumptuous skincare products.

Lentara is now the state’s first commercial scale pomegranate farm, with a small orchard recently planted.

Enjoy a tour of the farm, samples and sales of all products.


Lentara Grove

Martin and Sophie Grace

2670 West Tamar Highway, Exeter

0407 870 845

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Tours Hourly (30 – 40 mins)

Marions Vineyard

Once an impenetrable block of bush and rock, Marion’s is now one of the Tamar’s oldest established vineyards with magnificent views over the Tamar and winery on site.

Second generation winemakers Cynthea Semmens and David Feldheim are gradually integrating organic and biodynamic principles into the vineyard, olive grove and market gardens. In 2018, Cynthea was awarded the Dr Don Martin Sustainable Viticulture Award, and travelled to New Zealand for a study tour of organic and biodynamic vineyard management practices.

Join them for a tour and stay for a platter, wine tastings and produce samples.


Cynthea Semmens and David Feldheim

335 Deviot Road, Deviot

0418 379 548

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HOURLY TOURS from 10am (30-40 mins)


Tamar Valley Organic

A mature walnut orchard in the picturesque Rowella area, with trees in flower during the festival.

Take a short walking tour down past the beautiful orchard, tended by hand using organic principles, where you’ll see the nutlets growing. Then it’s on to the processing sheds with owner Scott Hine-Haycock to learn about harvesting, washing and drying the nuts – soft, sweet and delicious.

A great opportunity to find out more about what it’s like to buy and run a small, horticultural property producing a niche product, direct from the owner.


Scott Hine-Haycock

11 Waterton Hall Road, Rowella

0407 706 606

Tamar Valley Organic Facebook

Hourly tours (30-40 mins)

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Tamar Valley Truffles

A magnificent farm and leading producer of black perigord truffles, Tamar Valley Truffles is located in a sweeping valley just behind Launceston.

Around eight hectares are given over to some three thousand stately oak trees planted in 2001. Join a tour through the orchard where the truffles flourish and hear about the growth habits of this mysterious culinary delight.

Finish your tour with samples of award winning truffle infused products and truffle flavoured dishes.



Tamar Valley Truffles

Marcus Jessup

349 Ecclestone Road, Riverside

0417 112 655

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Hourly Tours (30-40 mins)


Your chance to visit the first and only snail farm in the Tamar Valley, which happens to be at a premium boutique vineyard.

Join owners Nicole and Frank for a day on the sunny north-facing slopes and learn everything there is to know about escargots. 

Have a nibble on the side with a glass of wine in the vineyards and a look behind the scenes in the winery too.




Nicole Morssink

150 Hjorts Rd, Loira

0413 183 547

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Hourly Tours (30 – 40 mins)

Village Olive Grove

A picturesque olive grove consistently producing top quality, award winning oil.

Take a walking tour of this grove of over eight hundred trees in flower and bud, and see a demonstration of harvesting techniques.

Sample the oil, olives and dukkah and learn more about running small scale olive oil production from owners Allen and Barbara Baird.





Village Olive Grove

Allen Baird

26 Skyline Avenue, Grindelwald

0438 301 731

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Short Tours (10-20 mins)

Waterton Hall

Family-owned vineyard estate producing award winning wines from vines of Shiraz, Riesling and Viognier.

The sixty acre estate is well known in the region for its historic significance, home to the magnificent Georgian hall, fully restored convict built barn with shingle roof, and schoolhouse. The picturesque boathouse on the river’s edge is everyone’s favourite spot. 

With no cellar door at the hall, visiting is usually by appointment only. The Farmgate weekend is a rare opportunity for a walking, talking historic tour or gardens and buildings with glass in hand.

As Waterton Hall does not have a cellar door there is normally no access to the property and makes this a unique opportunity to tour the historical garden and buildings.



Waterton Hall Wines

Dr Susan Shannon

61 Waterton Hall Road, Rowella

0417 834 781

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Tours Hourly (45 Mins)

Wilmore’s Bluff

This magnificent farm on the banks of the Tamar River at Rowella is home to one thousand crossbred ewes and one hundred head of cattle.

Join a tour through the historic apple shed, now converted to a shearing shed and learn about wool classing and baling. Then it’s out to the pens and paddocks beyond and a chance to get closer to some farm livestock.

Fleece suitable for spinning will be available for purchase on the festival weekend.


Wilmore’s Bluff

Mandy and Carl Cooper

37 Blackwood Hills Road, Rowella

0428 250 930

Wilmores Bluff Facebook

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TOURS HOURLY from 10am (30-40 mins)