Honey Tasmania – The Beehive


The Beehive shop and garden brings you the world of bees and honey. Centre of operations for Honey Tasmania, the Beehive gives you the chance to learn all there is to know from passionate beekeepers Rebecca and Tristan Campbell.

Get an inside view of the bees’ world with glass sided beehive right there in the shop. You can also taste delicious raw honey and local products featuring it.

Right next door is the glorious bee-lover’s garden, planted with species designed to attract these essentials creatures and help them make the honey we love.

Tastings of over twelve distinct honeys including Tasmania’s famous Leatherwood, and tastings for adults of honey mead and other alcoholic honeyed delights. .

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Info for buses

If you intend arranging for a bus tour to Farmgate Festival, please note that our venues are working farms and vineyards. They may have limited access for large vehicles, and may be on rough ground with unsealed roads or tracks. Please plan your tour carefully and contact our venues direct…

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