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Are you planning your first trip to Tasmania or your tenth?

There is something about Tasmania that gets under your skin, it could be the clear air, the beautiful scenery, the people you meet or the food and drink that you consume, its actually all of these things that make up the experience of a trip to Tasmania. But once you have been to Tassie once, you will just want to keep coming back…

So where do you start to plan you trip? when is the best time to come? how long do you need? should you fly or drive? These are all great questions, and the answer is – it depends! Not very helpful, but its true.

Tasmania has four very distinct seasons, and each is as beautiful as the next, so you really need to visit in each season to truly experience Tasmania. Whether you are visiting north, south, east or west everything varies in its scenery, activities, food and wine that you could spend two days here or 6 months and you will still need more time.

Tasmanian summers can be hot, well for Tasmanians they are, ranging from 25-30 degrees but for the rest of the mainland it will be a pleasant escape, watch out for that sun though it has a kick to it! The water is starting to warm up, so are the local tourist hot spots, beaches, mountains, markets and museums.

Autumn is sunny days with cool mornings and nights, you will experience the colours start to change on the trees and the slopes of the vineyards around the regions from shades of brown to the hues of yellow. This is one of the busiest time of the year in a vineyard as they prepare for vintage, some will start picking as early as the 1st of March.

Winter is upon us and the wood fires are burning, snowing is falling and the beaches are bare, winter is the perfect escape time, to huddle up with friends enjoying beautiful Tasmanian produce, whiskey, gin, beer and wine and watching the waves come crashing down on one of the many shores around the state.

Spring is the season for festivals, catching up with friends and experiencing arts, food, wine, and real life experiences at the Farmgate Festival . We begin to shed the many layers that we have been wearing for winter, the days are getting longer, the daffodils and tulips are beginning to bloom and everything is starting to come back to life. There is a sense of renewal as spring arrives, the sun is warmer on your back as we spend more time outside enjoying this beautiful state.

Whether you visit in summer, autumn, winter or spring you are sure to have a magically time, and we look forward to seeing you in the Tamar Valley.

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